How to Develop Creativity in Your Child

Ever struggled and wondered how to make life more fun and creative for your child? This article will help as it illustrates a few key points. Read on to find out.Here they are:

Teach her to color pictures

Buy a bunch of crayons and a picture book and teach your child how to hold a crayon and color part of a picture and how she can use other crayons to color other parts. Once she gets used to it by herself and while she is busy doing it, you can go around with other chores in your home.

Help her finger print and stamp on paper

Don’t keep pointing your finger at your child. Rather sit with her cozily, dip her fingers in paint and make her stamp on paper. After doing this a couple of times, let your child do it by herself and have fun all along.

Give her clay to play with and show her how to make stuff

Cuddle with your child and some clay and build several stuff like cup, saucer, doll, airplane etc. out of clay. Your child will thoroughly enjoy molding these shapes out of clay. Give her more ideas by asking her to make several other objects and see how she goes about. All along help her.

Make stuff out of plain paper and teach her some

You child will be immensely intrigued when you make stuff like purse, goldfish, crane, boat, basket etc. out of plain paper. Teach her the easy ones for the time being and she will enjoy thoroughly.

Help her make a kite and fly it high up in the air

Give your child all the time it takes to make a kite. While you get creative, your child picks up some cues. Once it is ready, go outside to the lawn and help her fly the kite in the wind and gradually higher up in the air.

Buy her a bunch of colored hydrogen balloons

Let her play with the balloons as long as she likes and finally teach her to let go of them and let her watch how they get caught up in the air and fly higher and higher up in the sky. A beautiful feeling will instill in her.

Teach her to paint landscape sceneries

When she is older, give her paint and paint brushes and teach her to paint landscape sceneries. After she is done with them, hang them on the walls of the living room so that your daughter can show proudly her creative paintings to visitors.Summing up, these are some of the ways you can arouse creativity in your child and open her mind to the mystics and mysteries of life.