Royalty: Victoria Day and Queen Elizabeth II

This year Victoria Day is appointed for May 22. Although the anniversary was called for Queen Victoria, it is her granddaughter Queen Elizabeth who is now honoured on that date.

Queen Elizabeth was 91 years old on April 21. Despite this, she moves advanced in her administration with a agenda and activity that abounding who are decades best could not match. She had 294 engagements in 2016!

Movies and documentaries outline the sixty years that she has been on the throne. I accept that none of these, however, call the accent that she has placed on break of her claimed animosity and her aristocratic role than the Netflix alternation “The Crown”.

Every autocrat throughout the apple has a different education, character, ability and intellect. Although s/he is usually clean-cut for the position, there are stressors at both micro and macro levels that put burden on the ruler. Abounding of these are abrupt and could not accept been predicted. Times change but in the affair of “The Crown” is that in adjustment to assure English monarchies, the architecture accept to be accustomed antecedence over claimed preference.

Queen Elizabeth has faced so abounding challenges yet she has remained steady. She has never accustomed an interview. She has not aired bedraggled linen if her accouchement were in crisis. She has not slowed her clip even admitting in a lot of added jobs she would accept able for a alimony added than twenty-five years ago. But Queen Elizabeth is not the alone crumbling autocrat in the world.

There are several Asian and Middle Easterners who accept reigned for decades and are able-bodied accomplished 80 years of age. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is 76 years old. Baron Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden who was built-in in 1946 has been on the head back 1973.

Monarchies do not die if the autocrat dies. Right now there are abounding brood to the thrones in the wings. For example, there are three direct-line ancestors to accept the English head – Charles, William and George. The Swedish baron has 5 grandchildren beneath the age of five. All over the world, the monarchs age and the next ancestors are born. The birth is set.

Will the next kings and queens be abiding and loyal to the constitution? Will they accord with their claimed problems in clandestine or advertisement them with awkward abandon? Will they plan collaboratively with added countries to advance peace, bloom and advance or will they arrogantly action for ability and position?

We don’t apperceive what will appear afore the next Victoria Day celebration. There could be several cogent changes in the world. But for now, I just accord acknowledgment for Queen Elizabeth who has been a admirable archetype to us with her able plan ethic, acceptable bloom practices, solid appearance and adherence to her people.